Workshop 1

Agile HR – the adaptability needed in the connected era.
Perry Timms Founder and Chief Energy Officer – PTHR at People and Transformational HR Ltd

Like never before, all is interconnected, seemingly making things ever more complex and unpredictable.  Yet in many ways, we’re still trying to manage things (including ourselves and each other) in a way built for more certainty and order.

Which is why there’s a rise in the use Agile as a project and working methodology.  Agile is as agile does.  But beyond building an app or a digital platform, how can Agile help us #loveyourHR?  

Join Perry Timms, voted one of HR’s Most Influential Thinkers 2017 for a chance to understand and deploy Agile and Design Thinking  with proven case studies to demonstrate how you can create a more dynamic, responsive and adaptable way to work for your HR team, projects and strategy.

Workshop 2

The Future of Learning – 10 keys shifts we need to make
Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning, CIPD

The nature of work, the workplace and workforce are changing fast-  so it should be no surprise that our approaches to organisational learning must also change. In this workshop Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D at CIPD will explore 10 key trends which are shaping the future of learning design and delivery. Drawing on research evidence the session will highlight the skills and culture gaps that we must overcome and will provide time for reflection and discussion to explore ways in which we can move to a more future-focused learning approach


Workshop 3

niWhat is the recipe for successful organisational change?
Paul Taylor-Pitt, Assistant Director, Organisational Development, NHS Employers, Karen Dumain, National Programme Lead for Organisational Development, NHS Leadership Academy (Do OD) and Nigel Carruthers, Senior Adviser Workforce Development and Strategy, LGA

The essential ingredients for successful organisational change encompass people , process and systems, but how effectively do those leading leading HR, OD and the wider transformation agenda ensure they are working interdependently? Do OD and the Local Government Association invite practitioners to answer this question and consider the recipe for integrated change. This is a chance to explore the challenge and shape solutions that will make a real difference across the whole of the public sector.

Workshop 4

Impactful Collaboration – powered by The GC Index®
Nathan Ott, CEO, GC Index 

The GC Index® is an Organometric, underpinned by an profiling technology, which measures how different individuals will make a game-changing impact in their role, on projects, and in teams and as a consequence instils a language of meaningful  and impactful collaboration. Our definition of Collaboration Collaboration occurs when two or more people or organisations work together to realise or achieve a goal.”

The GC Index® framework takes organisations and leaders beyond this definition by showing how impactful collaboration aligns everyone to the process of transformational change.

Join Nathan Ott (Chief Polisher) and Dr John Mervyn Smith (Dr.GC) for a practical and interactive session focussed upon how to use The GC Index®  to build teams and cultures that know how maximise the “Diversity of Impact”.

WME will be providing all attendees to the workshop with a copy of a The GC Index® Personal Profile prior to the session and extra materials to help them understand how to maximise their own individual and collective impact within a team.