08:30 am Arrival and refreshments
09:15 am Conference Welcome – Naomi Cooke, Head of Workforce, LGA and Michael Burton, Editorial Director, The MJ


09:30 am Keynote Speaker - Dave Ulrich, The RBL Group - Author, Professor, Thought Partner on HR, Leadership, and Organization.
What makes HR add value now and in the future
Theme: Digital, Collaboration and Mindset

This is a great time to be in HR! Why? Because in a world of increased social, technological, economic, political, environmental and demographic (STEPED) change,  HR creates sustainable value if it recognises value is defined by the receiver more than the giver.  We therefore need to ensure our priorities are not about HR but about the value others receive. This session will look at how we achieve this , defining our stakeholders both inside and outside the organisation, looking at trends around organisational capability and individual talent including digital HR as well as wellbeing and engagement. The session will also explore how roles in HR are all about relationships rather than role profiles which designing the right structures and competencies can achieve.

10:30 am Question time with Dave Ulrich 
10:45 am Refreshment break and networking
11:00 am Keynote Speaker - David Wilson, CEO The Fosway Group
The Truth About Digital HR, Technology and Transformation
Theme: Digital

‘Digital transformation is high on the agenda in public sector organisations today. From attracting and acquiring new people, to developing and retaining the best talent – digitally-led strategies are now mission critical to HR. But where do you start? And how do you cut through the hype that surrounds everything from Employee Engagement, to GDPR to Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics? Based on current research with 600+ HR leaders, David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Analyst, will share practical insights that demonstrate the benefits of adopting next gen HR and learning technologies, to kick start the shift to digital and prepare your organisation for the future of work.

11:40 am Keynote Speaker - David D'Souza, Head of Memberships CIPD
Future of work – Developing organizational culture
Theme: Mindset

 The role of HR & OD in developing organisational culture; what the CIPD believes the  Future of Work research will mean for employee engagement and career planning in a changing world and how adjusting your mindset to focus more clearly on outcomes can help HR make the difference it needs to for people and organisations

12:30 pm Networking lunch – Access to exhibitors and activity lounges

Digital Lounge

Our Digital Lounge will include interactive sessions from leading technology providers and colleges including Talent Acquisition Technology, Learning Technology and Virtual Reality Technology. Themes include;

Learning for the ‘whole me’ not just the ‘business me’
Providing meaningful learning in your organisation plays a fundamental role in creating a culture that enables employees to excel at work and in their everyday lives. Access to content that can grow them professionally and nurture their personal interests is a great way to develop the ‘whole me’ not just the ‘business me’. Explore how to make employee wellbeing part of your learning culture.

Delivering a first-class Onboarding Experience
Employee engagement starts from the day you say ‘you’re hired’! This interactive session will take you through a live personalised onboarding experience, why it’s critical to get it right first time for both the employer and employee. So have your phones ready and let us show you the future of onboarding.

Wellbeing Lounge

Our Wellbeing Lounge will in addition to hearing from leading public sector authorities on their wellbeing agenda will include health MOT’s (checking blood pressure and BMI) and taster sessions for;

  • sleep management and mindfulness
  • 5 ways to wellbeing and stress management
Virtual Reality Zone

Virtual Reality – enter into our new world

  • VR headset to take you on your journey to the world of VR. A chance to unleash your creativity “The room is their canvas, the palette is the delegates imagination and the possibilities are endless.”
  • VR headset to see the world of VR applied to Organisational Development and can provide different ways to assess candidates through the Recruitment selection process “Diffuse the atomic bomb that only you can achieve my communicating with those around you”
  • VR headsets to transport you to a tranquil environment as you are immersed into a relaxing 360 degree VR environment. “Mindfulness and wellbeing – the ability to take a break mentally from the fast pace and challenges of the modern world by stepping into the VR world”
1:15 pm Keynote Speaker - Dr Henry Kippin, Director of Public Service Reform, West Midlands Combined Authority

Communicate to Collaborate – How partnerships are now vital
Theme – Collaborate

The opportunity exists for a step change in the way we deliver public services within our places. Crucially, this requires new relationships across agencies— getting us beyond ‘deal making’ and into a grown up relationship that makes a possibility of system change through collaboration. A chance is emerging for our sector to improve the way public services are delivered within our places, but it requires a significant culture shift, a challenge which affects not just every employer but every employee.

2:00 pm Workshop sessions 
Workshop 1 Agile HR - the adaptability needed in the connected era.

Perry Timms, Founder and Chief Energy Officer – PTHR at People and Transformational HR Ltd

Click here for more information on this workshop.

Workshop 2 Online learning- Reflecting the future needs, behaviours and learning styles of the modern workforce

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning, CIPD

Click here for more information on this workshop.

Workshop 3 What is the recipe for successful organisational change?

Paul Taylor-Pitt, NHS Employers, Karen Dumain, NHS Leadership and Nigel Carruthers, LGA Academy (Do OD) Click here for more information on this workshop.

Workshop 4 Impactful Collaboration – powered by The GC Index®
3:00 pm Refreshment break and networking
3:15 pm Interactive Session - Paul Taylor-Pitt, Assistant Director, Organisational Development, NHS Employers and Karen Dumain, National Programme Lead for Organisational Development, NHS Leadership Academy (‘Do OD’)

A big conversation about collaboration

Theme: Collaborate

Karen Dumain and Paul Taylor-Pitt from Do OD lead us in a big conversation about collaboration. Working in and across organisations requires considerable collaboration, but we don’t always give ourselves space to think and talk about what that means. We’ll create space to go deeper under the surface of what it means to collaborate. This experiential session will help us connect with each other in the room and give you the opportunity to translate your learning from today into practical action.

4:15 pm Conference Close – Colin Williams, WMEmployers