Digital Lounge 

All day presence with lunchtime taster session

Our Digital Lounge will include interactive sessions from leading technology providers and colleges including Talent Acquisition Technology, Learning Technology and Virtual Reality Technology. Themes include;

Learning for the ‘whole me’ not just the ‘business me’
Providing meaningful learning in your organisation plays a fundamental role in creating a culture that enables employees to excel at work and in their everyday lives. Access to content that can grow them professionally and nurture their personal interests is a great way to develop the ‘whole me’ not just the ‘business me’. Explore how to make employee wellbeing part of your learning culture.

Delivering a first-class Onboarding Experience
Employee engagement starts from the day you say ‘you’re hired’! This interactive session will take you through a live personalised onboarding experience, why it’s critical to get it right first time for both the employer and employee. So have your phones ready and let us show you the future of onboarding.

Wellbeing Lounge 

All day presence with registration and coffee break taster sessions 

Our Wellbeing Lounge will give delegates the opportunity to hear from leading public sector authorities on their wellbeing agenda, as well as running health MOT’s including checking blood pressure and BMI. There will also be taster sessions run on:

  • sleep management and mindfulness
  • 5 ways to wellbeing and stress management

Virtual Reality Zone 

All day

Virtual Reality – enter into our new world

  • VR headset to take you on your journey to the world of VR. A chance to unleash your creativity “The room is their canvas, the palette is the delegates imagination and the possibilities are endless.”
  • VR headset to see the world of VR applied to Organisational Development and can provide different ways to assess candidates through the Recruitment selection process “Diffuse the atomic bomb that only you can achieve my communicating with those around you”
  • VR headsets to transport you to a tranquil environment as you are immersed into a relaxing 360 degree VR environment. “Mindfulness and wellbeing – the ability to take a break mentally from the fast pace and challenges of the modern world by stepping into the VR world”